Tumis – How To Buy Delta Tummy Travel Kits

Starting September 1, Delta Air Lines is refreshing its Tummy Travel kits from the now out-dated TUMI cabin, which included a small fridge and a small microwave. Starting with the new cabin you can create uniquely your own personal cabin by choosing a personalized TUMI blanket, towels, dishes and other items to be placed in your cabin. These kits are available for purchase at all of the retail locations on the route including the ticket offices, lounges, baggage claim, on-board ticket office and many more.

The new Tumis will feature the same quality and comfort as those found in the old Tuma kit, but with a better design and look. The new TUMI blanket is available in solid colors such as black or gray for your custom cabin. The bedding and dishes can be chosen from solid colors in black, grey, blue or red and have a soft pattern printed on the inside with Delta’s famous Delta logo.

The Tumis also provide an insulated bottle of soup and hot chocolate for your beverages while you are on your trip. These products come in a stylish black case that features a magnetic closure for the TUMI logo and are perfect for traveling and relaxing.

The travel items are designed to be easy to pack and carry on your plane. They feature an adjustable shoulder strap that is easy to keep in place and the shoulder straps also fit securely around your body. This ensures that your items stay together in case they become misplaced during your travels.

The Tummy Travel Kits can be personalized at any time, as you can choose from a variety of designs and prints including your choice of logo or name on the outside. You can also add special touches by personalizing your personalized towel with your Delta logo and/or a message. The towel can be used in conjunction with your travel items, either during flight or at the airport depending on what you prefer.

As with all items from Delta’s brand you can buy the Tummy Travel Kits at any Delta outlet, but the best prices and availability are online. No matter where you decide to shop, you’ll find the travel products for your next trip to be well worth your time and money.

You can find Tumis at discount stores such as Office Max, Macy’s and Target, but the most popular online retailers are Tiger Direct and eBay. There are several reasons why shopping online is the best way to shop for the Delta brand, including:

The Tumis is an affordable option that is durable, lightweight and comfortable and are ideal for use when traveling or relaxing. They are a great way to make your next vacation truly unique.

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