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Sony PlayStation Travel Case – Pro Review

USA Gear PlayStation 4 Pro Case/PS4 Pro Travel Console Case, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console and Portable Media Player/HDMI Converter, Carrying Case is designed with multiple compartments for your controllers, headset, cables and even the PS4 device with an integrated Velcro strap for secure attachment. The Pro Case has multiple pockets, compartments and pockets with a zipper closure on both the front and the top. A Velcro closure on the bottom side of the case makes it very easy to put the console into the case.

One major benefit of the PS3 travel case is that the case has an exterior pocket on the inside to store accessories, such as earphones and headsets. It also has an open pocket along one side for your USB cable or an HDMI converter. Both the front and back of the case are removable for cleaning purposes. It also comes with a padded carry bag to help you keep your PS3 in the case when not in use.

The PS3 Pro case also includes a charging dock for the unit. This allows you to charge your PSP during your travels. The charger can be used to charge the batteries of the PlayStation. You do not have to worry about the charger dying on you during the trip.

This Sony PlayStation Pro travel case has four slots for controllers and two slots for the media player. It has a special pocket on the left side for the AC adapter. You can also remove the AC adapter from the charger and put it in the other side of the case for convenience. There are also two zippered pockets on the inside of the case to hold the PlayStation unit.

The case has three compartments on the sides. These sections include the main compartment, the shoulder strap compartment and the flap compartment. Each section has multiple pockets for accessories, chargers and other accessories you might need. These compartments also have a zippered door opening for easier access. The shoulder strap also has a detachable cord for easier carrying. The flap compartment has enough space for holding the PlayStation unit, so you don’t have to take it out every time you take it off.

The case also has a waterproof lid that prevents the console from getting wet. and keeps your console protected from dirt and water. It also has a removable foam insert for comfort and added protection. It also helps prevent dust from entering your PS3.

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