Druid Travel Form Speed

Travel Form Speed – An Introduction

Travel form is an advanced druid shapeshifting ability that can be unlocked at level eighteen. It lets the druid move much faster depending on the surroundings. Level 2 is learnt at level 38, allowing Travel Form to increase its movement speed by 60%, effectively making it a legendary flying mount.

Like all druids, travelling requires certain abilities, and this ability for the druid is called flight. This ability allows you to fly and can only be used whilst the mount is airborne. However, this can be controlled with the use of flight spells that are available to your druid.

In the air form, you can travel up to three hundred and sixty-five metres in a single travel cycle, and this increases by fifty metres every twenty-four hours. This ability will also allow you to take a short cut across areas that are inaccessible while on land.

You can use the travel form to travel overland by flying in a straight line until you reach your destination or until you are out of control. Once you come back down you can land and then travel again.

The travel form is very useful when travelling through terrain that you cannot get to otherwise. It has been noted to reduce travel times to nearly three quarters of what they would be for a normal character. This can be especially helpful when moving through underground caves as the movement speeds are considerably lower.

Druid travel form can be used by all levels of druids, providing you know how to use the spell properly. It is advisable however, that a druid only attempts to travel if he has had the proper level up first to ensure that he is ready for the increased speed.

You can find a great many travel form spells and other sources of information online for druids and the rest of the World of Warcraft classes. A good place to start looking for information on this type of druid ability is a Druid Guide which will provide a great deal of insight on the topic. It is also advised that a Druid Guide is consulted for any tips on other aspects of the game as well.

There are also several different methods of training your druid for travel form, ranging from learning it through trial and error through to purchasing a guide that teaches it to you and then making the necessary changes to your own abilities to be able to travel at higher speeds. There are several sites on the internet that offer Druid Guides that includes walkthroughs for different zones on a Druid’s skill level.

A good Druid Guide will help you choose which way to go when travelling and will give you pointers on the best way to use the different areas in World of Warcraft. It should also provide general information on the area you will be travelling through. Choosing the right guide for you can make the difference between an easy trip and a successful journey, allowing you to travel quickly and effectively.

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